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School Policies

Dress Code / Código de Vestir

Abbott Elementary School adopted a uniform policy that will continue to be implemented and enforced with all students. Listed below is the basic uniform plan along with the School District Dress Code. Please refer to your registration packet for a detailed description of the uniform plan.

 All students must wear white, light blue or navy blue polo type shirts/blouses with collar as the uniform top. For the uniform bottom, navy blue slacks, walking shorts, skorts, skirts, or jumpers are recommended. Jeggings are also allowed so long as the pants show blue stitching as opposed to yellow or orange.

 Clothing is to be worn in the intended manner (buttoned, fastened, tied, tucked in, etc.)

 Pants are to be worn at the waist with a belt. Pants are not to be worn at the hips, without a belt, or in sizes that are excessively too large for students.

 Shoes and socks are worn at all times to provide protection to the student’s feet. Shoes must be the type to allow students to participate fully in an appropriate development physical education program. Sandals, clogs, thongs, or high heels are not to be worn to school.

 Dresses, skirts, or shorts, are to be no shorter than extended arms down to the fingertips while arms are held at sides.

 Clothing with inappropriate slogans and or pictures (alcohol, tobacco, or drug endorsements, sexual innuendoes, or gang related symbols or phrases) will not be permitted.

 The wearing of hats, caps, or other head coverings by students at the school site is not permitted.

Cell phones are permitted but must be turned off when entering school premises; they must be kept in backpacks, cannot be used during recess or lunch and may be turned on when leaving school premises.


 Every Friday students are encouraged to wear clothing that promotes colleges and universities.
Código de Vestir

La escuela Abbott adopto una póliza de uniforme que continuara siendo implementada y esforzada para todos los estudiantes.

 Todos los estudiantes deben usar camisa o blusa blanca/azul bajito/azul marino tipo polo con cuello. Para pantalones deben usar pantalón, chor, falda, chor mezclado con falda color azul marino de uniforme. Jeggings también se permiten solo que los pantalones muestran costura azul en lugar de amarillo o anaranjado.

 La vestidura deberá ser usada de la manera intencionada (abrochados, fajados, etc.)

 Los pantalones deberán ser usados a la cintura con un fajo. Los pantalones no deben ser usados a la cintura sin un fajo o en medidas que sean excesivamente muy grande para los estudiantes.

 Zapatos y calcetines deben ser usados todo el tiempo para proveer protección para los pies de los estudiantes. Los zapatos deberán ser del tipo de zapatos que les permita participar en el programa de educación física.

 Vestidos, faldas o pantalón corto no beberán ser más cortos de lo que miden extendido de los brazos a la punta de los dedos.

 Vestidura inapropiada (alcohol, tabaco, drogas, educir sexualmente o todo lo relacionado con símbolos o frases relacionada con pandillas).

 El uso de gorras, cachuchas u otra cosa para cubrir la cabeza no será permitido en la escuela.

Celulares son permitidos pero deben ser apagados al entrar la escuela, deben estar adentro de su mochila, no pueden ser usados durante recreo o lonche y pueden ser prendidos después de salir de la escuela


 Todos los viernes, los estudiantes son animados a usar ropa que promueve colegios y universidades.

  • Download a copy of the Dress Code below: