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 Abbott Scholars Thank Los Angeles County Firefighters and Battalion Chief Glenn Goulet of Division VI

The Abbott community would like to extend an earnest and heart-felt thank you to all the firefighters and workers who successfully contained and extinguished the Abbott Elementary School Fire on May 26, 2012. We truly appreciate their tireless effort and are comforted by their vigilant support of our school and community.  

 I Pledge to Do My Best on the STAR Test!

When you work on being a great student and the best person you can be, it is helpful to write out goals and pledges to help you remember what you are working for, and what you need to do to reach your goals.  You will be taking some tests which are important for you, your parents, and your school. It is important that you try your very best on these tests.  Abbott School believes in you!

I pledge to do my best when working on the STAR test. 

 I will do my best by:

Getting a good night sleep every night

Eating a good breakfast

Listening and following directions carefully  

Reading all directions, questions, and answers carefully

Answering all questions

Not rushing through the test

Going back and checking my answers after finishing the test

 Working quietly and not disturbing others